Barel’s metal carpentry division was born in 2019, following the acquisition by the owner of an historic and thriving company in the “Monregalese” area, which has been active in the medium-sized carpentry branch for more than 30 years: Officina Oreglia, located in the industrial area of Mondovì (CN), Italy.

With this step, Barel adds a new market segment to the historic artisan production of metalworking; at the same time different but similar, it allows the company to create interesting production synergies, transferring its continuous search for quality, recognized for more than 60 years in the world of furniture.

The metal carpentry production workshop has an area of ​​over 1500 square meters and is equipped with three overhead cranes; in addition, the company has currently five workstations for professional welding machines, cutters, 4-meter shearing machine, 3-meter bending machine, professional grinder, pillar drills, milling machine, punching machine, 3-meter calendering machine, and other machinery necessary for the various stages of processing orders.

The large and well-distributed production space allows for the creation of medium-heavy carpentry structures and precision assembly: a strong point of our reality, it is carried out directly within the workshop.

The company sets itself the daily goal of improving the quality of production and expanding the types of work, investing both in new technologies but above all in the continuous training of its staff, which is the other fundamental asset of the company.

Work is underway to bring this business division to ISO 9001 quality certification by 2021.