Born in Mondovì in 1956, Barel fully belongs and refers to the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

Over the decades it has embodied the authentic essence of Made in Italy, always developing but never rejecting its own identity and skills.

A production that combines the main heritage of the Company, the art of forging iron, with the finest materials, as to create design collections with a unique style, characterized by the quality of the products and the devouted aesthetic and functional research.

Renewing and innovating, Barel now presents a serie of extraordinarily modern products, the result of collaboration with renowned designers and architects, as well as more traditional offers with “timeless” lines.

Every Barel product is a piece of art and is exclusively manufactured in the workshops and decorative labs of the Company, strictly created and finished by hand, because only the true manual work, precise and original, may offer to connoisseurs unique class and quality objects.