The Atelier of Tailor Made Forged Iron

The art of forging iron has been true patrimony of Barel company for more than 60 years, and still is.

Along this far-reaching journey, Barel’ forge makers have made fire and crafty wisdom their daily vocation; today, as always, they know how to dominate iron in all its possibilities and create any shape, linear and clean or fanciful and decorated, this extraordinary material is able to develop.

That is why Barel is the Atelier of tailor made and on design forged iron.

Here, designs and products of all shapes and sizes are created, here every vision or drawing can get real.

Barel is able to customize atypical dimensions and finishes for catalogue products, but it can also realize artistic pieces and unique products according to a specific design.

The Atelier is therefore a perfect partner for imaginative designers, as well as for interior designers who specialize in the creation of custom proposals.

Every product or art piece is born exclusively in the workshops and decorative labs of the company, strictly created and finished by hand, because we believe that only the true manual work, precise and original, will offer to experts objects with unique class and quality.


For us Made in Italy is not mere appearance, but simply and proudly what we are!